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El Diablo


Our new friend Denver brought two amazing Jazzmasters into the shop today to offload, and this cremed-out Olympic White AVRI Jazzmaster is just killing me. Not only does it have a @masterybridge already installed, it’s also tuned to C#, the rhythm circuit has been omitted and the guitar has been completely rewired and loaded with @lollarpickups JM-P90 pickups. Additionally, the black-on-off-white motif echoes the prototype Jazzmaster that Freddie Tavares owned, one of the most drool-inducing guitars on the planet. So good, so doomy. Crikey, for sale soon! #guitar #fender #jazzmaster #custom #creme #p90 #lollar #seattle #offsetguitars #seattle #avri (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)